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MAPS to 1300 +/-
Map: The Fertile Crescent 9000-4500bc

Maps: Perfectures of Ancient Pelponnese Region

Map: Empire of Sargon

Map: Western Asia to 1200bc

Shang [China] Civilization 1200bc

Map: China's Warring States--245-235bce

Map: The Askoa Empire Ca. 270bce

Map: Sassanid Empire

Map: The Germanic Kingdoms 526-600ad

Map: Mauryan Empire 250bce

Map: Olmec Civilization--1500-100bce

Mesopotamia to 2500bce

Progressive period Maps of Europe--Pre-history thur 1097

Linguistic Map of Europe 500ad

Linguistic Map of Europe 850ad

Ethnolinguistic Maps of Europe--1200bce into 20th Century

Maps: Europe 1090-1911

Ethnolinguistic Maps of Mesoamerican

Ethnic Map of East Europe 1995

Map: Last glacial Maximums

Map: Asia

Celtic Tribes of Roman Britain Ca. 50 ad

Map: Europe 476 ad

Map: Europe 526 ad

Map: Europe 600 ad

Map: Europe 800 ad

Map: Europe 900 ad

Map: Europe 1099 ad

Map: Europe 1360 ad

Map: Europe 1519 ad

Map: Germany & NW Europe 962 ad

Germany Under Fredrick Barbarosa

Map: Italy--11th Century

Map: Italy 12th & 13th Centuries

Map: Italy in the Renaissance

Map: France 1032 ad

Map: France 1360 ad

Map: France in the 15th Century

Medieval England & Wales Ca. 1399

Map: Wales in the 13th Century

Map: The Baltic nations & The Hasseatic League

Map: The Franks under Charles Martel

Asia Minor under the Greeks & Romans

Eastern Mediterranean Empires--750-625 bc

Macedonian Empire & the Eastern Mediterranean 336-323 bc

Map: Indus Valley 2600-1900 bc

Homer's Map of the World

Ptolemaic Map of the World--John Scotus 1505

Map: The Empire of Alexander the Great--323 bc

South Central & South East Asia 200 bc

Ptolemaic Empire 200 bc

Rome, Seleucia & Parthia 200 bc

Indo-Greeks 100 bc

Roman Britain Ca. 400 ad

Roman Empire 475 ad
Includes Europe, The British Isles & North Africa in the period
The Huns 450 ad

Odoacer's Kingdom(Italy) 480 ad

Yueban Empire 480 ad

Very Early Map of Spain(Date uncertain--from and 1849 Atlas of Much older maps

Spanish Kingdoms Ca. 1030 ad

Spanish Kingdoms Ca. 1210 ad

Spanish Kingdoms Ca. 1360 ad

Spain United Under Charles V

Arab Middle East in the 6th Century

Middle East 13th Century

East Hemisphere 500 ad

East Hemisphere 600 ad

East Hemisphere 700 ad

East Hemisphere 800 ad

East Hemisphere 900 ad

East Hemisphere 1000 ad

East Hemisphere 1100 ad

East Hemisphere 1200 ad

Map: The Spread of Islam 622-750 CE

Map: Wold Cultures Ca. 100 ce

Map: Locates Medieval Universities in Europe

Map: Barbarian Invasions 5th & 6th Centuries

Germanic Central Europe Ca.1000ad

Maps 1300-1700
East Hemisphere 1300 ad

East hemisphere 1400 ad

East Hemisphere 1500 ad

The Mughal Empire

Maps: Religion in Europe 1618--present

Political Maps of Europe 1518-2006

Map: Spread of the Black Death 1347--1354

Map: Native American Cultures 1500CE

Map: Religious Distributions in Europe Ca. 1560

Maps 1700-1800
Map: French & Indian War 1754-1763

Maps 1800-1900
Map: New York State Canal System

Map: World Immigration Routes 1800-1914

Map: US Immmigration 1890
As a percentage of population State by State
Maps 1900-1930
Map: Ethnic Europe 1914

Map Ethno-Linguistic Map Europe 1914

Maps: Battle Maps of the Balkans Throught WWI

Map: Schlieffen Plan of 1905

Map: WWI: Battle of the Marne

Map: Battle of Verdun

Map: Balkans--August 1914

Map: Balkans--October 1915

Map:Balkans--Salonikan Front--December 1915--1916

Battle & situational Maps WWI

Maps 1930-1950
Map: Israeli War of Independence 1948

Map::WWII Russian Counteroffencive--Dec. 6 1941-Apr 30, 1942

Map: German Advance on Stalingrad Aug 21-31, 1942

Map: Battle of Stalingrad Sep 12-Nov 18, 1942

Map: Battle of Stalingrad Nov 19-dec, 1942--Russian Counteroffencive

Map: Battle of the Hedgerows--July 7-15, 1944

Map: Battle of the Falaise Pocket Aug 16-19, 1944

Map: Battle of Leyte Gulf--Oct 1944

Map: Battle of the Bulge--Dec 15, 1944-Jan 18, 1945

Map: US Unemployment in the Great Depression 1929-1939

Maps 1950-1990
Animated Map of the Korean War

Maps: Iraeli Situation Over Time

Map: US Immigration 1990
As a percentage of population State by State
Maps 1990-Present
Ethnic Map of East Europe 1995

Linguistic Area Map: Asturian Language of Northern Spain

Linguistic Area: Catalan Language of Eastern Spain

Maps: Languages & Dialects of China

Political Map of Africa

Map: Antarctica

Map: Iran & Iraq

Map: Middle East

Map: Pacific Ocean

Linguistc Map Of Taiwan

Arctic Indigenous Languages Map

Contour/Political Map of Afghanistan

Ethnolinguistic Map of Afghanistan

Map: Georgia Republic
Note; Map is prior to the Russian Invasion of 2008--a cresent from the Russia/Georgia border and south covering the region of South Ossia is now in Russian hands.
Ethnolinguistic Map of Georgia & the Southern Caucasus Region

Linguistic Map of the Amazon River Region


Map: Distribution of Kurds

Map: Sudan

Map: Yemen

Map: Kuwait

Map: Lebanon

Map: Libya

Map: Oman

Map: Qatar

Map: Saudi Arabia

Map: Syria

Map: Tunisia

Map: Israel

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